Cyberia 2019

IEEE -SJCE Brings to you the Biggest Tech fest of this semester!!!!!

This 18th to 24th March witness the biggest Technical Extravaganza!!
This is your opportunity to learn and grow with a wide range of competitions and activities!!
Join us on this exciting journey!!!
Imagine. Innovate. Inspire!

Only at Cyberia'19!🎊
For more information contact!
Nikhil :7022081958

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Tuxedo 2018

IEEE SJCE is back with its extravagant open source fest TUXEDO'18. Mark the dates from 22nd October to 28th October. Following are the events conducted as part of Tuxedo 18

Inauguration|Tech Talk on Open source|Open Debate Competition - 22nd Oct
Brainchase - 23rd Oct
Networking and Server Scripting Workshop - 23rd-26th Oct
Tech Talk on Machine Learning - 27th Oct
Build and run - A circuitary and software hackathon | Valedictory Programme - 28th Oct

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Soldering and Etching

The most exciting workshop of this semester Soldering and Etching is back!!!!
Soldering is one of the most fundamental skills every engineer should possess.

The workshop covers the concept of soldering and etching from scratch.
1. The participants will have a chance to design and build their own circuit boards and learn via a hands-on approach!
2. Participants will learn how to handle the soldering gun and also understand the process of soldering.
3. Participants also learn the process of etching in detail, learning both hardware and software aspects.

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What we do?





IEEE-SJCE conducts various workshops, competitions, seminars and weekly sessions to help out all our members and other students.
The major workshops conducted are:

VPM It is an annual workshop conducted during vacation which aims at enhancing the practical skills of students and encouraging them to take up real time projects.

Soldering and etching this workshop helps to improve soldering skills and also help design circuits in a software and realise the same on a PCB.

Robotics a technical workshop focused on introducing the new integrated development board titled MSP430 by Texas Instrumments.

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IEEE-SJCE conducts many competitions during its technical fests-Tuxedo and Cyberia.

Some of the competitions are:
Amaze- it is a line follower robotics competition.
Fury road- It is a Robo race competition where the robots had to pass the tough path and hurdles in the shortest time.
Coding owl- It is an online C programming event which focuses on bringing out the competitive coding and problem solving ability of the participants.

One of the other major competition conducted by IEEE-SJCE is the VPM project submission to appreciate the efforts put up by the students in building their projects.


IEEE-SJCE conducts many technical talks, seminars and panel discussions during its technical fests TUXEDO and CYBERIA.

IEEE-SJCE organises a panel discussion by field experts on a chosen topic during its even semester technical fest Cyberia.

It also encourages students to write technical papers and gives them the opportunity to present them in paper presenting competition PAPYRUS.


28 Years of Excellence

Over 250+ Members

Over 500+ Projects

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Technical fest conducted in the even semester

Cyberia 19

Annual national level technical extravaganza hosted by IEEE SJCE to exchange revolutionary ideas for betterment of the future.

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Open source fest conducted during odd semester

Tuxedo '18

Tuxedo was started with the main intention of encouraging the community to use open-source technologies in their daily life and support them. Tuxedo also serves as a platform to create awareness among the community on various open-source projects.


Branch Counsellor

Dr Sudarshan Patil Kulkarni

Branch Counsellor

EDS Advisor

Dr. S B Rudraswamy

EDS Advisor

WIE Advisor

Dr. M G Veena

WIE Advisor