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IEEE is a global community to innovate for a better tommorrow and is a trusted voice for engineering and technology around the globe.

Great Performance

A driven team that endures challenges for the overall wellbeing and development of the club


To adapt to the growth and development in the tech arena, several hands-on workshops are carried on.

Equality ensures the growth prowess

Women empowerment in all technical aspects is the goal of 'Women in Engineering.'


Imagine! Innovate! Inspire!

IEEE-SJCE conducts many events regularly for students to gain knowledge and encourages them to take active part in all of them.

Magazine Alert !!

IEEE Interface 2021

We at IEEE SJCE, are glad and excited to announce the release of our annual magazine 'IEEE Interface 2021' edition!

We hope you like this edition, packed with articles and knowledge, along with a couple of new additions from the Editorial Board aimed at providing various insights, in light of the recent events surrounding Covid and Mental Health!

Webinar by RAS

IEEE-SJCE RAS is hosting a webinar on "Overview of Systems Engineering and Airbags"

The webinar will be presented by Mr. Darshan Lokesha ,Head of Systems Engineering, PSS OSS, Autonomous Mobility and Safety Division,
Continental Automotives(India) Pvt. Ltd.

Date : 11th June, 2021
Time : 6:00pm
Platform : Google Meet

The meeting link will be sent to the registered mail 30mins prior to the talk.

For any queries, contact:
Jagadeesh: 9902594181
Meghana: 6360168004

You can register by clicking on the link icon below

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Distinguished Lecture by EDS

IEEE-SJCE EDS is hosting a Distinguished Lecture on-
"Rethinking computing with neuro-inspired learning - device, circuits and algorithms"

The talk will be presented by Dr. Kaushik Roy , Fellow IEEE, Edward G. Tiedemann Jr. Distinguished Professor, Purdue University, USA.

The talk will be moderated by Dr. S.B Rudraswamy , IEEE-SJCE EDS Staff Advisor, Commonwealth Fellow(UK), Assistant Prof., ECE Dept., SJCE , JSS STU, Mysuru

The meeting link will be sent to the registered mail 30 mins prior to the talk. E-certificates will be provided to all the registered participants!!

Don't miss this out, Register now using the below link

Date: 5th June
Time: 7.30 PM (IST)
Platform: Google meet

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IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. IEEE SJCE and its members inspire a global community through its highly cited workshops, seminars, professional and educational activities.


IEEE-SJCE conducts various workshops to give hands-on experience. The major workshops conducted are :
VPM, Soldering and Etching, Robotics.


IEEE-SJCE conducts many competitions during its technical fests-TUXEDO and CYBERIA. Some of the competitions are :
Amaze, Fury road and coding owl.


IEEE-SJCE conducts many technical talks, seminars and panel discussions during its technical fests. PAPYRUS encourages students to write technical papers.


We publish three editions of the IEEE Interface magazine, every year :
The Orientation edition, The Tuxedo edition, The Cyberia Edition.


There are a lot of technical and non technical activities that are undertaken here at IEEE to encourage students to learn in a way which inspires them to do so.

Personality development

Soft skills are one of the most important attributes in todays world. We at IEEE aspire to inculcate values that define us as people who are ethically adept and vision driven.

Milestone Events


Membership drive

Members will get an oppertunity to attend various webinars,workshops,conferences and forums that occur worldwide. 🔹Access to IEEE Xplore digitsl library, newsletters,various journals and magazines and much more. Register


Image Pro. Workshop

The EDS and RAS societies bring you a workshop on Image Processing !!
🔹Learn the basics of Python and fundamental concepts of Image Processing. 🔹Implement image processing techniques using OpenCV. Click Here


Alumni Podcast (s01-e02)

IEEE-SJCE brings you the second episode of the series. Guest: Mr. Samarth Deyagond working as Core Kubernetes Developer at SAP Labs, Bangalore. The podcast will be streamed on YouTube and you can drop your questions in the chat.
Watch Video


Webinar on Xplore

"Prepare for your career and research through IEEE Xplore New Advanced Tools". The webinar will be presented by M S Srinivasa- a training manager at EBSCO Information Services & IEEE Xplore Digital Library for this webinar. Click Here


Alumni podcast (s01-e01)

Welcome to a brand new podcast series: Guest: Mr. Vivek Keshava- Currently working as Software Development Engineer at Micro Focus.
The podcast will be streamed on YouTube and you can interact via live chat. Play video


Webinar Alert

IEEE-SJCE WIE hosts a webinar on one of trending aspects - "RESUME-BUILDING"! The webinar was presented by Ashwini Holla, working at Canara Engg College.
Platform: WebEx Meet
Date: 13th of September Register Here


Introduction to Octave

🔹Learn to program in GNU-Octave, an open source environment similar to MATLAB and learn the fundamentals
🔹Learn to perform numerical computations in GNU-Octave and learn a practical and simple approach Register Here



IEEE SJCE is back with this semester's biggest fest - TUXEDO!! Various technical and non-technical events are lined up just for you!! Join us and take part in one of the biggest and most exciting fest!! . Mark the dates: November 6th- November 13th. Download Magazine


PRAYAS is an outreach program by IEEE SJCE WIE that provides in equitable education outcomes to the underprivileged children. The volunteers visited one Orphanage on a weekly basis to interact with the students there and help them out in their academic activities.

About Prayas

▪An effort by our team to provide under privileged a positive learning environment that will help them unleash their potential.
▪ This includes frequent visits to Divya Deepa and Vijaya Educational Institution.

What we do in Prayas

▪ Support in academics.
▪ Introduce fun learning techniques.
▪ Aim to achieve overall development.

Why Prayas

▪Work satisfaction and provides an oppurtunity to hone your social skills. A good start to serve the society
▪ This includes frequent visits to Divya Deepa and Vijaya Educational Institution.

Work Done

▪ Volunteering session at Rangarao Memorial School for Disabled.
▪ Charity work at S S Manoj Seva Trust
▪ Aim to spread social awareness.


" The Best Student Branch Website Award " - IEEE Bangalore Section 2019

" The Best Student Branch Website Award " - IEEE Bangalore Section 2017

" The Best Student Branch Website Award " - IEEE Bangalore Section 2016.

One of the nominees for best practices

Years of Experience
Activities Each Sem

IEEE Bangalore Section

IEEE-SJCE has been successfully recognized by IEEE Bangalore section for completing its Silver Jubilee in flying colours. We have also been able to bag the best website award two times in a row.

HAC-SAC 1.0 Virtual Hack-a-thon

Student Activities Committee, IEEE Bangalore Section in collaboration with IEEE SIGHT is organising a hackathon! It's free, and it's for everyone.
Eligible Participants- IEEE Members
Categories: Agriculture and Healthcare,
Last date to register : 20th October 2020
Cash Prizes: 10k, 7.5k and 5k for top three winners.
Click Here

IEEEXtreme Mock Coding Contest

IEEE Bangalore Section presents IEEEXtreme Mock Coding Contest-2. Eligibility: Participants who have registered for IEEE XTREME 14.0 When: 11th October 2020 Duration: The contest will last for 6hours 02:00 PM - 08:00 PM IST. The first three winners will be rewarded with a cash prize of INR 2000, 1500 and 1000 respectively.

Webinars by WIE- Bangalore Section

13 July 2020; Time: 7-8 pm- Title of talk: Leadership: leading oneself in uncertain times. Speaker: Ms. Santoshi Kittur, PwC | Managing Director Bangalore.
15 July 2020; Time: 6-7 pm- Title of talk: AI Infusion during COVID 19: The need and the solution. Speaker: Ms.Geetha Adinarayan, Chief architect - AI applications IBM India. Register Soon. Enroll


Mentors guide and support us to conduct all events

Dr.M G Veena

Dr. M G Veena

Branch Counselor
Dr.S B Rudraswami

Dr. Sudarshan P K

RAS Advisor
Dr.S B Rudraswami

Dr.S B Rudraswami

EDS Advisor
Dr.S B Rudraswami

Mr. Shashidhar R

SBMDC Advisor
Dr.S B Rudraswami

Ms. Supreetha M

WIE Advisor