Web Development board, a new wing of IEEE SJCE is an exclusive committee for designing and maintaining website and web pages pertaining to IEEE SJCE, its events and spread its motto. For us, WDB is a place where students from various disciplines of the campus meet together to put their creativity to create and design web pages and host them on web securely.
It also encourages the students in the campus to learn languages for web hosting like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, html(server-side scripting) by conducting many technical sessions on them throughout the year, which are hosted by our core committee members.
Over the years, WDB has turned out be an integral part of IEEE SJCE, due to the growing importance of web in recent years and it shaping up as the best source of information. We, at WDB hope to strengthen the knowledge of web designing and hosting among the students to greater extent and work as a team to bring out web pages to create zing and get overwhelming response from the people on our organization and its events.


At the IEEE EdBoard, we strive to present interesting news and articles, about the latest trends and discoveries in the technology field, while also providing a voice for IEEE-SJCE, its members, and the students.
We publish three editions of the IEEE Interface magazine, every year - the Orientation edition, about IEEE-SJCE's events, workshops, etc; the Tuxedo edition, about the Open Source Software Revolution; and, the Cyberia Edition, which covers a wide array of the latest and greatest news related to technology.
Our latest of INTERFACE magazine released during TUXEDO'19, consisted of genres like articles, features, tutorials, and reviews related to Hardware/Software Open Source Technology.
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