Annual national level technical extravaganza hosted by IEEE SJCE
to exchange revolutionary ideas for betterment of the future

Mock Placement

Here is the list of students eligible
for the second round of Mock Placement.

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Eldorado is the online treasure hunt
event in which participants have to
answer the questions by
connecting the pictures shown.



Mock Placement

Mock Placement first round result have been announced.

1. Coding round is compulsory for 2nd and 3rd year circuit branch students.
2. For 1st year and non circuit students, coding round is optional. But a separate GD round will be conducted for them on march 4th.

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Mock Placement first round result have been announced.

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Google It

Do u actually think you can get any answer on the internet? Then we have "Google It" for you. Dig out the answers and win exciting prizes. But all you got is a minute!

Date : 26/02/2018
Time : 5:30 to 7:30 PM
Contact : Shashank Rao (8553155039)


Online event in which participants have to connect the shown pictures and answer. Correct asnwer takes the participants to the next level of the game in which difficulty level also increases.

Date : 26/02/2018 to 27/02/2018
Online event
Contact : Karthik (8105799014)


Junkyard Wars

Everything broken can be fixed, and everything old can be used to build something entirely mind blowing and new! Are you ready to get creative? Come join us on the junkyard!

Date : 27/02/2018
Time : 5:30 to 7:30 PM
Venue : IS Seminar Hall 2
Contact : Shashank Nambiar (8123779868)


Wolf of Cyberia

Lion is bought to circus but not Wolf! If you are clever, shrewd, witty and able to convince and confirm beyond demission’s , there you go! You the Man! This is what we examine.

Date : 27/03/2017
Contact : Niharika (8722231488)


One amazing fact about humans is that, each one has an art of thinking differently! So, here is an opportunity to all the artists out there to express your creativity for the following concepts:
1.This is technology to me.
2.Every girl has a dream!
3.How I grew up in life.
Deadline for submission: 01/03/2018

Date : 27/03/2017
Contact : Divya Sahetya (9742767321)

Mock Placement

This event is totally exotic especially for students who are half way through to become productive engineers. This is to make you acclimatise to the entire placement process and enhance professional skills to work on team to build your confidence and upgrade your aptitude.

Date : 28/02/2018
Time : 5:30 to 7:30 PM
Contact : Divya Kamath (9591721577)



Jugaad is that the word which depicts how unlike and unique you are from others. Team of participents are expected to prove an unlikely and strange concept by presenting their ideas in the form of a play , speach . So get ready to stimulate your grey cells.

Date : 28/02/2018
Contact : Akshay (9731191858)



Get ready to put your programming and design skills to the test. Amaze brings to you the ultimate maze solving competition that requires your robot to maneuver obstacles and reach the checkpoint. Be fast and be smart to find a clear path into winning the prize!

Date : 01/03/2018
Contact : Murali (9663427258)

Panel Discussion

Want to know different perspectives of professionals and industry experts? Panel discussion brings you people from various industries to debate on topics from a professional perspective. It’s a perfect intro and intermediate interface building a student-academic-industry triangle.

Date : 03/03/2018
Contact : Ananya M B (7624994514)


No matter how strong you are technically, if knowledge pertaining to your surroundings is a null set then it’s of no use. So we are bringing to you, a quiz that is hosted by Experts with experience at national level.

Date : 04/03/2017
Contact : Kiran (9632909388)

Fury Road

In this race to the finish , there is no falling back . Gear up to reach the checkpoint, and charge full speed ahead to win the most exhilarating race of robots! The fastest will be the first. GET. SET.GO.

Date : 04/03/2018
Contact : Murali (9663427258)