IEEE SJCE EDS has been providing students with the basic electronics knowledge since its inception. It has helped students get more familiarized with electronic components, the various techniques of circuit making and the basics of robot building.


Snap circuit product is a tool for entering the exciting world of electronics. Electronics plays an important and increasing role in everyday lives, and so it is important to have some basic knowledge of it. In this workshop the students have hands-on session of basic electrical and electronics circuits. The workshop is conducted for first and second year students exclusively. The students are allowed to explore different circuits with the help of the manuals which come along with the kits under the supervision of volunteers.


Soldering is a concept used in each and every electronic appliance. It’s necessary to know the proper soldering techniques. Keeping this in mind, IEEE SJCE EDS conducts Soldering and Etching workshop in odd semesters, where senior IEEE EDS members teach the 2nd years and 1st years. They make participants etch a simple circuit and solder it.


As they say our knowledge is volatile in nature until we apply the concept of our knowledge in real time situation. Hence Robotics 6.1, one of the biggest events is conducted by the IEEE-SJCE EDS Chapter. The main highlights of the workshop is that the participants got to learn robotics from scratch and then move on to more advanced topics like Bluetooth controlled robots, voice controlled robots, DTMF controlled robots and even Android app controlled robots.


 Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others

this famous adage of Jean Nicolas embodies the idea of conducting VPM. Vacation Project Mania, an initiative of IEEE SJCE EDS is conducted during the vacations. VPM is basically an interactive session in which the seniors and juniors mingle together to share their knowledge, ideas and most important of all, an experience, but the torch bearers of this successful mania are the seniors without a doubt. VPM gets huge response from all circuit branches, around 120 students attend the project sessions every day for 4 hours VPM played prominent role in generating practical impulse in minds of young budding engineers.


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